Strelitzia reginae potplant (bird of paradise)


 plant care :


Strelitzia is a tropical plant, very easy to care.

Can be placed out of doors in the summer. Flowers every year. Keep the Strelitzia in bright light. Water regularly. Make sure Strelitzia does not retain "wet feet"!

Leave the plant in the original pot, this will promote flowering. Temperature : 0-24 C. Do not consume.



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About our (family) company


MVO-Strelitzia is fully specialized in the cultivation and sale of Strelitzia Reginae.

Both from potted plants and cut flowers.

Thanks to more than 47 years of experience (Strelitzia cultivation started in 1975), we guarantee premium quality!

The nursery is located in De lier (municipality of Westland) near The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam.

And also close to flower auction royal Floraholland in Naaldwijk. This enables us to deliver last-minute orders quickly.


MVO - Strelitzia 

We use a very modern greenhouse complex of no less than 17000 m2.

This enables us to grow our flowers and plants in a maximum sustainable way.

We achieve this by a.o.

-smart energy applications

-the use of OCAP CO2 (a residual product from the Botlek)

-separated garbage


-reuse of water and nutrients

-we control pests biologically with special beetles and flies.

-our cultivation pots consist of 100% recycled material and are partly made by people with disabilities.


We also make agreements with our suppliers and trading partners to make things as efficient and sustainable as possible.



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