Strelitzia reginae potplant (bird of paradise)


Strelitzia is a tropical plant, very easy to care.

Can be placed out of doors in the summer. Flowers every year. Keep the Strelitzia in bright light. Water regularly. Make sure Strelitzia does not retain "wet feet"! Temperature : 0-24 C. Do not consume.


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Strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise flower.
Even the name is pretty!

Most people will know the Strelitzia from a nice holiday to a sunny region.
The Strelitzia is one of the most special creations of Mother nature.
Trendy, stylish and eccentric.
The Strelitzia with its multifaceted form and colour combination is a gem/prize and moreover a very strong flower/plant.

MVO Strelitzia cultivates and sells the Strelitzia both as a flowering potted plant as well as a cut flower.
Through the years, driven by our passion we have achieved a leading position in our field.
In our nursery we have at our disposal all the modern means to satisfy the highest possible quality standards. We strive for the best regarding the product, sales, durability and cooperation.
Through this site we would like to give you an impression of our company and our beautiful product.

The Strelitzia originates from South Africa.
It is family of the banana plant and both belong to the group Musaceae.
The Strelitzia is a very slow growing plant. In nature the Strelitzia is pollinated by birds.
In our nursery we do this by hand to be certain that the best plants pollinate each other to obtain the best seeds and therefor plants and flowers of the highest quality.
To cultivate the best plants from seeds requires a lot of knowledge, patience and perseverance.
After putting in the distinctive black seed with orange plume, it takes several weeks for the young plants to come up. Subsequently it will take another three years (!) before the plant will give its first flower. In total it will take a good 6 to 7 years before the plants are ready for top production. This goes a long way to explain the higher purchase price in comparison to other flowers and plants. On the other hand the Bird of Paradise flower will keep longer than other flowers. You can enjoy them notably longer.

MVO Strelitzia participates in the Environmental ornamental plant cultivation program (MPS). The MPS – ECAS aims to stimulate sustainable enterprise in the international horticulture sector. Through the development of certificates regarding: quality assurance, environmental and social aspects, MPS – ECAS shapes durability. As we run our business in a sustainable way, we are MPS A certified, which is the highest possible certification!
We achieved this by making use of biological agents instead of pesticides, recycling of water and nourishment, smart use of energy and the composting of green waste.
In the area of Human Resource Management we have done everything to create a great atmosphere at work for our staff, the work is clean and safe and through the height of the cultivation system bending/stooping is no longer necessary.

The major part of our production is sold through flower auction houses in the Netherlands.
Our customers, mostly exporting wholesaler's, buy the flowers and plants direct from us through auction intermediaries or the auction clock. Subsequently the products are delivered to the best retailers at home and abroad. There our Bird of Paradise flowers and plants stand ready for sale to transform your home or commercial property into a true paradise. Therefore, ask your specialist retailer for the sustainable produced Strelitzia form MVO Strelitzia.

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