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2 oktober 2020

 Vandaag hadden wij Marieke Westgeest te gast.

Haar verslag, geplaatst in diverse Facebookgroepen, vindt u hieronder:


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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, plant, bloem en natuur
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: lucht en buiten
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: plant, bloem, natuur en buiten
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: plant en bloem
Marieke Westgeest
14 uur

During Covid19 I visit the green houses in my environment. To hear people’s story and to admire their beautiful flowers.

The Strelitzia Reginae, also called bird of paradise flower (paradijsvogelbloem) is characterized by its orange flower with blue arrows in the heart. The flower origins from South Africa and was shipped to the United Kingdom in the 18th century. There the flower was named after the wife of the English king George III, Charlotte van Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who loved flowers. The leaves of the strelitzia look like that of the banana tree and in fact they are family. It is a tropical looking flower and nowadays very popular as Marco van Os, owner of #MVOStrelitzia (Burgerdijkseweg 23, 2678 LP De Lier) tells me. Nevertheless the amount of growers is dropping: there are only 15 left in The Netherlands and in MVO Strelitzia’s case the production goes entirely to Germany, followed by France and East European countries.

Marco grows cut flowers as well as flower plants. Taking over the business from his father his challenge was to create as many flowers in a plant possible and with the most outstanding quality. The quality is indeed remarkable when seeing the bright orange and blue colour of the flower. Marco says that excellent quality can only be achieved when cutting is awaited until the bud has burst and reveals 2 blue arrows in the orange flower. Once sold in this mode the customer can easily enjoy a flower that, from one bud, produces 6 up to 7 flowers.

And this is so different in the strelitzias that come from abroad, he shows me. Many foreign growers cut the flower when the bud is still closed. They are shipped as such and just before the sale at the auction the buds are opened manually with force. In such circumstance no blue arrows pop up. These parts are still white. Marco shows me how this process works and it is sad to see as real damage is done to the flower. Moreover, these flowers can never bloom as rich as flowers that had already opened up. Luckily in Marco’s green house only happy flowers live. We walk through it and I see that the ripe flowers are cut for the day and that the ones that are not ripe yet are growing in their pots. “Why pots?’, I ask Marco. ‘This is for environmental reasons’, he replies, ‘as the water and the nutrition that the plant does not absorb can be reused as it floods over the canvas underneath.’ Two young cats are also for the protection of the environment in the green house. They are so cute and walk with us through the green house. Marco tells me he bought them as he saw mice running up the plants to suck the nectar and that was of course not okay. The cats now take care of the mice.

The strelitzia is a winter flower. It blooms for the first time in July and this continues until April. In May and June maintenance is done in the green house: checking the plants and create new ones if necessary. No cuttings need to be bought from third parties.

In the case of MVO Strelitzia COVID-19 thus started at the end of its season. Nevertheless, there was a peak in offer and thus measures had to be taken. Marco decided to literally open up the windows in order to cool down the green house and therefore delay the growth. As also applied for many others, only 30 % of the offer could be delivered to the auction. Luckily his flowers were found on the internet by bigger purchasers like Bloomon. Also charity initiatives helped him a lot. And furthermore, like many others, he placed a booth in front of the green house where consumers could buy. The booth has in the meantime disappeared but the consumer is still welcome at the premises by (firstly) ordering via

Marco tells me that in COVID-19 the demand for home plants has risen. This increase has partly compensated the loss in cut flowers. Marco nevertheless is worried for the long term economic effects of COVID-19. When people start losing their jobs will they still buy flowers?, he wonders.

A strelitzia cut flower is mainly used in bouquets though the arrangement Marco sells and also gives me looks very pretty in my vase. I am impressed by this green house and find the flowers chique.

Flowers straight from the green houses 36.

september 2020

In september is de Strelitzia WOONPLANT VAN DE MAAND!

Wie wil die nu niet in huis hebben?

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 juli 2020

Zojuist heeft ons bedrijf een nieuw schermdoek in gebruik genomen.

Hiermee zijn wij in staat het klimaat in de kassen nog beter naar onze hand te zetten. En, minstens zo belangrijk,  in de winterperiode energie te besparen. Mede dankzij Steetec installaties.




Alle op deze site getoonde foto's  bevatten producten die gekweekt en verkocht zijn door MVO-Strelitzia, en zijn derhalve exclusief.

Tekst en foto's mogen alleen  gebruikt worden na schriftelijke toestemming van MVO-Strelitzia.